Hello.. welcome to my blog! For the now I will remain anonymous as my blog touches on very personal issues. You probably guessed this from the title though, ha!

I am in a relationship, and have been for the past 2 years. I wouldn’t change a thing.. of course we have our ups and downs but at the end of the day what normal couple doesn’t?! It only makes us stronger #stereotypicalcouplecomment and helps us realise how far the other can be pushed!

All my friends have been part of failed relationships, for many different reasons ranging from cheating to simply them just not connecting. Not me though. My relationship is different. #sameoldshit

We actually talk about our problems, ok… ok… I have occasional strops but what girl doesn’t?!

The key to our relationship though? Good sex. We spice things up in the bedroom regularly, and we are way way past being shy with each other. I’m not confident with my body but being naked around him really helps. What more can you want from a boy that self-esteem boosts?!

We try new things all the time.. different positions.. different techniques etc.

This is just an intro to what to expect from my blog. I’ll write again soon with my list of top 10 positions that I recommend you ALL to try.

Leave your comments and ask me anything.